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flyer and pamphlet delivery since 1972

Flyer and Pamphlet Distribution, Flyers, pamphlets, door-hangers delivered based on your target market in the real world. Direct to Door Marketing with 40 years of experience. Call GPS Flyers for the best price!

You can design your flyers and upload them when you order or we will follow up every step of the way to make sure your design, printing and distribution are exactly the way you want them. And you are 100% satisfied as we join forces to grow our businesses together with results! Results! Results! Call GPS Flyers for the best results!


DATELINE 1972. Our founder, married with a two year-old daughter…worked his way through college distributing pamphlets and making sales appointments with Iowa farmers. Decades later he founded GPS FLYERS in California, where he built a national Direct-to- Door Distribution company. With the advent of GPS tracking technology and U.S. Patents – Patrick could now track each of his workers and supervisors in real time. This action revolutionized the flyer distribution industry forever.


In early 2001, Patrick’s son Ryan was a commercial apartment management executive. His company hired flyer
distribution services and discovered more than once that the distribution companies’ workers were distributing
material to Recycle bins. This sad discovery was made by his rental leasing agents.

Fast forward to early 2011 when Ryan founded Apartment Guardian that provides security/tracking devices for
apartment leasing agents and realtors (recently nominated and Silver Award-winner of the coveted Technical
Achievement Award by the Connected World Conference in Europe). Recalling his terrible experiences with flyer
distribution companies during his apartment management days, Ryan suggested to his Dad that he (Patrick) should
start a flyer distribution service, using his tracking devices and software platform to insure that flyers and door
hangers were actually being delivered . . . .GPS Flyers was launched on that premise.


GPS FLYERS now utilizes the same patented software platform that Ryan’s company owns – a multi-million dollar
software program used by law enforcement, the “Black Op’s”, and Fortune 500 Companies in 53 countries. This
technology is made available to all GPS FLYERS’ clientele.


During Patrick’s 45+ years of marketing experience in helping businesses, he learned one thing…every business
needs quality printing at affordable prices to compete in today’s business climate. Patrick therefore built a “pool”
of businesses and professionals that utilize the same printer/publisher. Through the group’s volume print orders,
they now obtain excellent print and graphic design deals.

GPS FLYERS offers a wide range of Direct Marketing Services. Whether your company needs flyer distribution,
printing, graphic design, street-sign marketing, street-teams, or event marketing – GPS FLYERS is just a call

Running a business is hard. We can help!

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