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Watch your distribution campaign “live” after logging into our tracking platform

As our name suggests, GPS FLYERS utilizes Tracking reports for our client’s flyer distribution. Our tracking reports show where your flyers were delivered, the miles your distributor walked and the path they took – even the miles per hour the distributor was walking!

Do you pay extra for this technology? Absolutely not! Our one-of-a-kind technology has one purpose – to assure our valued clients their flyers or door hangers were delivered as promised.

Buyer Beware – What You Need to Know…

1. ‘Solo’ Deliver Should Be Solo. Companies routinely ‘guarantee’ you a “Solo” delivery (meaning delivering your flyer only). What they DON’T tell you is other ‘single’ flyers are also placed at the entry way along with yours. So yes, your solo flyer is delivered…but with stacks of other messages. What’s worse is you could be lumped in with ‘less than stellar’ businesses. This practice can damage your brand – call it guilt by association.

2. Bundling or Piggy-Backing. If you’re paying ‘the cheapest rates in town’ for your promotion it’s probably getting attached (stapled, folded or grouped) with 3 – 10 other business/profession flyer pieces without your knowledge. Sure, we too offer this ‘bundling’ service, but the difference? We tell you when your flyers are being bundled!

3. Delivery to residences; NOT Landfills. It’s crazy. But true. How can flyer distributors bid so low for their distribution services? Easy. They don’t do it! Our private research through 100’s of interviews and countless questionnaires indicate as many as 20% to 50% of client flyers never reach the front door. The rest? Typically, they end up in a recycle bin.

But we have credible distribution services and the only distributor to offer this revolutionary form of checks and balances. You’ll know, without a doubt, that every dime you spend goes into distributing ALL your materials. So if you have…

· A new business that needs a great first impression;

· An existing business that needs new life;

· Or if you’ve used flyers before but had little to no return, we can help!

· Need graphic design? Our in-house graphic artist will provide creative, original art work for you at wholesale rates

· Branding – stay relevant in your community! Remind them you are still in business!

Let GPS FLYERS manage your next campaign.


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Leading the flyer industry with proprietary GPS tracking technology and top quality service backed by fast and friendly flyer distribution.


Flyer Distribution

You can design your flyers and upload them when you order or we will follow up every step of the way to make sure your design, printing, and distribution are exactly the way you want them.


Printing Outlet

Never pay retail again! GPS Flyers has gathered a group of businesses both small and large that, through their combined buying power, obtain true-wholesale printing. We welcome you to call for our price list and compare our rates with local or online printers.



GPS FLYERS utilizes one of the most sophisticated tracking software available. Law enforcement, government agencies, Fortune 500 Companies in 53 countries utilize the same software and tracking system that we will use to track your door-to-door deliveries.


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Every single flyer is delivered using our proprietary GPS tracking technology. We track the flyer from print shop to doorstep delivery and you get a comprehensive report following every campaign.