GPS Flyers utilizes one of the most sophisticated and costly tracking system software available worldwide…law enforcement, government agencies, Fortune 500 Companies in 53 countries – these organizations utilize the same software and tracking system that we will use to track your door-to-door deliveries. We have a serious investment (software valued at $100,000. + development fees) in our technology for one purpose – to assure you that your flyers or door hangers are delivered as promised. Guaranteed.

Our state-of-the-art software platform integrates virtually every signaling device into our scalable web-based software hub from which all devices can be monitored—in real time, anywhere in the world. Unlike other location-based companies, we offer a solution that is:

  • Hardware Independent
  • Comprehensive
  • Customizable

With our unique GPS tracking technology (that can be up to 50 times more accurate than 911 Emergency GPS), we follow each flyer right to the potential customer. We guarantee delivery. In the past that was not possible. And often in the past many didn’t even get to the front door of potential customers.

That’s not the case with GPS Flyers. Today, every single flyer is followed using our unique tracking devices. We track the flyer from print shop to delivery. We send you a completed, printed and certified report.

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